Closet Core Elodie Wrap Dress: DIY Wrap Dress with Dolman Style Sleeves

Closet Core Elodie Wrap Dress

Hi Everyone,

Today’s post features gifted items. Both the fabric and pattern were gifted to me by Sew Essential. If you haven’t come across Sew Essential please do check them out. They are a UK based company that sells not just sewing patterns and fabric, but also a wide range of haberdashery products as well as sewing machines.

Closet Core Elodie Wrap Dress

I have had my eye on the Closet Core Elodie wrap dress for a while so it was great to have the opportunity to try this pattern out. The fabric I selected is this abstract printed polyester which has great drape and requires zero pressing which means this dress is perfect for travelling and easy care. If you do press, use a medium heat. I do believe that this particular print is also shortly going to be available on a viscose base if that’s your thing. Be warned: this pattern is somewhat of a fabric hog, although you can make the skirt/ sleeves shorter.

Closet Core Elodie Wrap Dress
Closet Core Elodie Wrap Dress

Check my pattern notes below, but overall this is a well drafted pattern. The neckline (at least for me) is stable and doesn’t gape, and the skirt affords a good amount of coverage. The only thing I would highlight is that I didn’t like the instruction to hem the centre front of the skirt pieces. My first attempt looked horribly wavy. I unpicked and drafted a facing to finish that area.

Closet Core Elodie Wrap Dress

Pattern Fitting Notes

  • I cut a size 18 for the bodice, grading out a size for the waist/ hips. I made view B.
  • My pattern is from the standard block, but a plus size block is also available with sizes running from 14 – 32 (PDF only). I believe the standard block is drafted for a B cup.
  • I did a 1 inch FBA and incorporated the dart that arose into the release pleats at the waist. This meant I also had to adjust the waistband and bodice facing to match. I also had to add extra width to the skirt pieces so that matched the bodice.
  • I did a 0.5 inch forward shoulder adjustment.
  • I removed 2 inches off the the length of the View B skirt.
  • I used 5/8ths inch hem for the sleeves.

Thanks to Sew Essential for the opportunity to work with them. This is a great dress moving into Spring.

Until soon.

Closet Core Elodie Wrap Dress

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