November Knits Sunde Sweater: DIY Merino Mohair Striped Sweater

November Knits Sunde Sweater


Before sweater weather disappears for the year, here’s a sweater I finished recently. This is the Sunde Sweater by November Knits, and I am very pleased with how this has turned out. It’s very soft, cosy, warm and I love the classic colour combo. Whilst understanding some aspects of the pattern took me some time, I got there and I am very proud of myself for finishing. BTW this is another top down sweater.

November Knits Sunde Sweater
November Knits Sunde Sweater

Yarn details:

The beige stripes are knitted using a strand of Sunday by Sandnes in light beige (3021) held together with a strand of Drops kid silk also in light beige.

The navy stripes are knitted using a strand of Sunday by Sandnes in dark blue (6581) held together with a strand of Sandnes Tynn silk mohair in marine (5581).

In case anyone is wondering, there wasn’t much difference in the two types of silk mohair IMO.

All yarns were purchased from UK seller Knitt.

November Knits Sunde Sweater
November Knits Sunde Sweater

Notes on the Pattern

  • My sweater is knit in a size XL. I only knit 50 cm for the length of the body rather than 54 cm and about 32 cm for the sleeves instead of 43cm! I initially knit the sleeves at 36 cm but after blocking the sleeves grew and I didn’t like them, so I removed 4 cm of length and re knit the ribbing.
  • I really like the way the neckline was knit, folded in half and knit together with a length of elastic sewn in before knitting the folded edges together, so the elastic is concealed and the collar keeps its shape and feels sturdy.
  • First time doing German short rows and they weren’t so bad. This sweater took me about 3 months to complete.
  • The worst part of this sweater was the Italian bind off of the hem. It was hellish due to the yarn tail tangling. I almost gave up but in the end patience and doing it slowly and I got there. Next time if I was knitting this pattern using these yarns I wouldn’t use such a long tail.

So that’s my sweater. I love it! I don’t have another knitting project on the go at the moment but I’m thinking what my next project might be for later this year.

Until soon!

November Knits Sunde Sweater

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18 thoughts on “November Knits Sunde Sweater: DIY Merino Mohair Striped Sweater

  1. Having never had too much luck with knitting sweaters, (i was a whiz at argyle socks In high school) I really enjoy seeing your successes with the sweaters! Good job and keep posting But you should be getting warmer weather soon..The coldest and hottest I have ever been on a trip(Did not pack too well either) was on two summer trips to London!also,love your sewing room Lucky girl!)

    1. Thank you. Our weather here can be so changeable. Two weeks ago it was positively warm and now it’s back to cold and snow in some parts!

  2. This sweater is gorgeous, and it’s gorgeous ON you! Fits perfectly! Such a classic too! Well done.

  3. Wow, you have become a super knitter! I am so impressed with how professional your results are, you have come a long way in a short time. This one is a beauty, the colour and striping looks great on you. I can see the neck finish is very nice.

  4. A great garment finished quickly! Or so it seems to me, maybe I’m a slow knitter!. I’m a fan of the Glenan on site this week – a hooded sweater, so looking to start that – do you know this Scottish designer? 😊

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