McCalls 8040 and Simplicity 8389: DIY Velvet Puff Sleeved Top and Sequin Jogger Bottoms – Festive Dressing Edition

Simplicity 8389 sequin joggers

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed Christmas, if you celebrate. Here’s a quick post to share the last two makes of the year. Is there anything more festive than velvet and sequins? I don’t think so. Let’s dive straight in.

Simplicity 8389 sequin joggers
Simplicity 8389 sequin joggers

The first item in today’s post is a pair of sequin joggers that I made in the week leading up to Christmas, and which I wore on Christmas day as shown in these photographs. The black sequin fabric (sorry, hard to photograph), has been in my stash for a few years, and I had actually tried to de-stash it with no success. It felt like a challenge to transform it into something that suits my current style but I think I succeeded. I used Simplicity 8389 (modified) to make these pull on sequin jogger bottoms. See my last version of these pants here and the modifications I have made to the pattern (I have made this pattern several times now so search my blog using the pattern number to see all iterations).

Simplicity 8389 sequin joggers
Simplicity 8389 sequin joggers – lining

Some things that you need to know:

  • I did not remove any sequins from seam allowances and paid the price with three broken needles. I found switching to a size 100 denim needle helped a lot. It was mainly sewing over intersecting seam allowances which caused issues.
  • I fully lined the joggers using a knit lining from my stash. I attached the ankle cuffs (heavy weight ribbing from stash) to the sequin leg openings, then sewed the lining over the cuffs and pulled the lining up inside the joggers and basted the lining to the sequin outer before attaching the waistband. This way everything was enclosed with no sequins next to my skin.
  • When attaching the waistband, I sewed the waistband to the inside first, then brought it to the outside and top stitched it closed. The waistband has a drawstring to secure.

Fitting Notes

  • See previous versions for full details of pattern alterations. No adjustments made to this version other than to remove about 1.5 inches from the rise to accommodate the waistband. I also eliminated the pockets to cut down on bulk. I attached a waistband with drawstring closure.

Next up, a cotton velvet top made using McCalls 8040. I have used the bodice and sleeves from this pattern on a couple of dresses, but you can read about the main alterations I made to this pattern here. I didn’t make any other alterations to this version. The cotton velvet was purchased from Simply Fabrics, and appears to still be in stock. I pre-washed my fabric with no issues. It sewed and pressed well. It holds the structure of the sleeves beautifully.

McCalls 8040 in cotton velvet
McCalls 8040 in cotton velvet
McCalls 8040 in cotton velvet

I originally had plans to make a Vampire’s wife inspired midi dress with a pleated trim. I had cut out all the pieces and started sewing it and after the initial try on I just wasn’t feeling it. Right now, I don’t have any formal or even semi-formal occasions to wear such a dress and I decided a top would be easier to wear. So I salvaged what I could and ended up with this top. C’est la vie.

McCalls 8040 in cotton velvet
McCalls 8040 in cotton velvet

I actually love both pieces. The joggers feel very glam but comfortable. And the top is a good one because it’s dressy but also warm, and I do like the neckline and the sleeves.

So that’s it from me for this year. Thank you dear Readers for your support, likes, comments and advice. Here’s hoping 2022 brings us all prosperity, peace, happiness and much creative joy.

See you soon!

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By day I work in the exciting world of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, registering medicines (!), but by night I turn in to a sewing diva, making all manner of clothes in my beautiful sewing space (which you can tour using the link at the top of this blog). I love how sewing and sewing clothes that fit my curvy body continually challenges me. I enjoy working with all different types of fabric, and whilst I don't like to put restrictions on myself and say I won't buy RTW, the truth is that I probably rarely do buy it, preferring the fit of my own me-made clothes. I love to use natural fibres where ever possible and colourful coats are an obsession of mine! Sewing is both my addiction and my therapy. You can contact me at

19 thoughts on “McCalls 8040 and Simplicity 8389: DIY Velvet Puff Sleeved Top and Sequin Jogger Bottoms – Festive Dressing Edition

  1. Love both your new makes, Manju, especially the joggers! Must admit cotton velvet is a new concept for me, so will keep an eye out for it over here. Wishing you & your lovely family much joy & good health in 2022! 🥳 🎉 🥂

  2. Always enjoy seeing what changes you have made to eaCH PATTERN. I think I will try the Simplicity pattern for the future. I recalled that I have a green piece of velvet in the stash that should do nicely. Happy New Years to you and yous! Keep that needle going and posting.

  3. Love both your makes. Sequin joggers are a great idea. I’ve had McCalls 8040 in my stash for a while. I should make it in 2022. Happy New Year.

  4. As we look ahead to next year, let me take a minute to THANK YOU for the efforts you make with your blog. I deeply appreciate it, as I always click up your new posts right away. I’m grateful for your construction details and especially for the beautiful photographs that help me see exactly what you’ve done. You make beautiful choices of fabric and pattern. You’re so stylish!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  5. I love this! Thanks so much for posting- I have some flip sequin fabric I’ve been struggling to figure out, as all my ideas seem a bit 70s disco, or just not my style these days. The joggers look clean and modern, which I like!

  6. So smart, just fully lining the joggers! I have yet to sew sequins because I just *know* I’m not going to go through the hassle of removing them from the SA! Hahaha!

    That velvet top is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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