Megan Nielsen Durban Jumpsuit and Romper Pattern: DIY Indigo Cotton Jumpsuit

Megan Nielsen Durban Jumpsuit

Hi All,

Today I am sharing my version of the Megan Nielsen Durban jumpsuit and romper pattern. Full disclosure: I was gifted the pattern and Megan Nielsen also covered the cost of the materials used in the making of this jumpsuit.

Megan Nielsen Durban Jumpsuit

The Durban is described as a mix and match jumpsuit, with multiple options for neckline, sleeves, legs and pockets. Long time readers of this blog will know I like value for money, and a pattern that offers multiple options is always a winner in my book. BTW, the fabric is the 4.8oz indigo cotton from Merchant and Mills and it is soft and easy to wash, press, sew and wear.

Megan Nielsen Durban Jumpsuit

In terms of sizing, this pattern comes in two size ranges: size 0 – 20, and curve sizes 14 – 34. For once, and on Megan Nielsen’s advice, I went with the curve size option and I am pretty pleased with the outcome, although I did have to make some of my standard adjustments. But the fit through the shoulders is good, and I didn’t have to do a full bicep adjustment, which was nice.

Megan Nielsen Durban Jumpsuit

There is some useful information included in the pattern guiding you on on how to chose the correct size for your body. I can tell you the following:

  • The curve pattern is drafted for a 4 inch difference between the full and high bust.
  • The size 18 bust on the curve range has about 2 inches more positive ease than the size 18 from the standard size range.
  • You are told to measure from your clavicle to your crotch to find your centre front length, and from your crotch up to the back of your neck to find your centre back length. The curve range says that the centre front measurement plus the centre back measurement should be about 4 inches larger than your body measurements. The standard size range says this measurement should be about 1 5/8ths inches bigger than your body measurement. All useful stuff.

All this to say, I went with the size 18 curve sizing for my bodice and sleeves, grading out over the waist and hips, and back down to a size 18 at the ankle opening. All my other modifications are listed below.

Megan Nielsen Durban Jumpsuit

Pattern Alterations

  • My jumpsuit is view E.
  • I cut a size 18 (curve range) for the bodice and sleeves and graded out over the waist and hips (up to 2 sizes), before grading back down to a size 18 at the ankle openings.
  • I cut the leg length at the regular inseam length and shortened the length by 4.5 inches.
  • I shortened the sleeves by 5.5 inches.
  • I did a 1 inch forward shoulder adjustment.
  • I did a 5/8ths inch full bust adjustment and shortened the darts by 1.5 inches. For future versions I may shorten the darts more.
  • I did a 1 inch full seat adjustment which brought in back waist darts.
  • I did a 0.5 inch full abdomen adjustment.
  • I took 0.5 inch seam allowance at the back seam to add a little more length.
  • I extended the belt by 50 cm and made it half the width. I added topstitching to the belt.
  • For next time: I might add 1 inch to the bodice length at centre front and taper to nothing at the sides.

I am pleased with my finished jumpsuit. It is comfortable to wear and easy enough to get out of when required 🙂 I like that different options are included in the pattern. Thanks to Megan Nielsen for providing the pattern and fabric.

See you soon!

Megan Nielsen Durban Jumpsuit

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