Petite knit novice sweater: diy hand knit alpaca blend top down sweater

Petite Knit Novice sweater, knitted in Drops Air Beige (mix)

I hope it is not too late to wish all my Readers Happy New Year! And my first finished project of the new year is actually a knitted garment! This is the Novice Sweater by Petite Knit, my second garment knitted using this brand of patterns (see here for first), and I am very happy with how this one turned out.

Petite Knit Novice sweater, knitted in Drops Air Beige (mix)
Petite Knit Novice sweater, knitted in Drops Air Beige (mix)

Like my first sweater, this one is also knit seamlessly on circular needles, top down, which means you start at the neck and knit down to the bottom. Unlike the first sweater though, this one does not have raglan increases, but instead has a round yoke which is shaped by knitting increases evenly across the yoke. I really like the fit! It’s very comfortable. I think this sweater, whilst being relaxed in fit, looks more refined because the yarn is less chunky than my first sweater (it is knit using a single strand of yarn, not two strands like the first sweater), and it is knit on smaller needles.

Petite Knit Novice sweater, knitted in Drops Air Beige (mix)

The yarn is Drops Air (65% alpaca, 28% polyamide and 7% wool) in the colour way Beige. I purchased my wool from Lindehobby last year. I think this company ships in from the EU so be aware there may be delays getting items brought into the UK thanks to Brexit. The wool is as light as air, very soft and not at all itchy. I will say that after I blocked this sweater, the twisted rib (knitting in to the back of the rib stitches to get a more defined rib) has relaxed; don’t know if that is to be expected with all yarns after blocking, or if it is just this one. It won’t stop me wearing this piece, but something I might need to factor in when knitting my next Drops Air piece (because there will be more!)

Petite Knit Novice sweater, knitted in Drops Air Beige (mix)

This is a size XL. I find that the Petite Knit patterns are sized well for me. I did knit the body 4 cm shorter and the sleeves 2 cm shorter than instructed. But that is the beauty of top down knitting: you get to try the garment on whilst knitting, and decide if you want to adjust the fit somewhat.

This time last year I had never knitted anything on circular needles (I started about 8 months ago). I find it amazing I have now completed my second sweater. This sweater took me about 5 weeks of knitting to complete. I already have plans for my next few projects! At the moment, not being able to get out to wear my sewing makes as I would like too, means focusing on slower knitted projects seems the way forward.

Bye for now!

Petite Knit Novice sweater, knitted in Drops Air Beige (mix)

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20 thoughts on “Petite knit novice sweater: diy hand knit alpaca blend top down sweater

  1. Lovely! I’ve been following progress on your Instagram stories and may have bought this pattern because of that! I might try to use a local yarn instead, but you never know! I’ve also only knitted once before on circular needles, and I love how fast it is!

  2. Lovely! And a great fit! I knitted loads of jumpers before I got one that actually fit, so I’m very impressed with your skills!

    Alpaca doesn’t have the same elasticity that wool has so you will get a note drapey fabric from Alpaca and the rib will relax more.

    1. Thanks Ros. I am so impressed with the fit I have had from the Petite Knit patterns I am scared to try a different company, lol. And I think when I use this yarn again I will go down a size on my needles for the ribbing.

  3. This Petite Knit looks really nice, I think I will put one on my list for next winter. I buy Drops yarns from @woolwarehouse, which is based in Leamington Spa so no customs problems there and they have always been very helpful.

  4. You may enjoy reading Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Knitting Without Tears,” which is interesting for beginners and advanced knitters alike, because she explains things so beautifully. Her tips about refining the fit of garments knit in the round are wonderful — I especially like the instruction to drop a stitch from underarm to top of ribbing, then pick up the stitches two-by-one, to get a “fake seam” at the sides. Makes the sweater easier to block, and to fold for storage.

    Heck, sometimes I re-read that book (and her other books) just for the stories. She was an amazing woman.

  5. Your sweater looks amazing. I like your version better than the one photographed for the pattern as your neck seems a bit looser. I think it’s more flattering.

    I second the recommendation to read Knitting Without Tears. It’s my one knitting book that I’ll never give up.

    Do you mind sharing how many balls of Drops Air it took to knit your sweater? Thank you!

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