peppermint magazine wrap top: diy pink double gauze wrap top

Peppermint Magazine wrap top in double gauze

Hi Everyone,

The Peppermint Magazine wrap top is a free pattern available to download from the Peppermint Magazine website (although you should consider making a donation towards the cost). It is a beautifully drafted pattern created by In The Folds, and is the third of this series of patterns I have made (in fact, I am wearing the top with the wide leg pants from the series – see here, and here for the ruffle sleeve top). You would definitely pay more than the suggested $2 cost for a pattern like this from an Indie designer.

Peppermint Magazine wrap top in double gauze

This is the first time I have sewn with double gauze and whilst it has worked perfectly fine for this top, and I know it is hugely popular with sewists, I am personally not sure I will be rushing to make lots of other garments with it. It’s a bit too “rustic” for me, lol.

Peppermint Magazine wrap top in double gauze

This pattern is very popular on Instagram, with almost 1,000 images shared for this pattern. Whilst I do like the pattern, it is designed to be quite cropped in length. I knew I wanted to lengthen the pattern, and that is what I did, adding 2 inches to the length (in addition to doing an FBA which added in more length to the front). As drafted, the ties are cut on to the front extension. Due to the extra length that I added, this meant that the sides of the blouse were not sitting nicely because of the ties being an extension of the front. So in my version, as you can see from the image above, I cut the ties off, finished the front edges with a simple facing, and reattached the ties. Works much better with the extra length.

Peppermint Magazine wrap top in double gauze
Peppermint Magazine wrap top in double gauze

Full review below, but my overall thoughts are that I think the fit is good, but somehow I did find myself fiddling with this top whilst wearing it the other day. I might go back and add a press stud just to stop that.

Pattern Review

Pattern Description:

Cropped true wrap top with bracelet length sleeves and ties to fasten.

Pattern Sizing:

From approximately bust size 30 inches to bust size 60 inches. I made a size G.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Yes, but I added 2 inches of length and changed the front finish/ ties.

Were the instructions easy to follow?

Yes. They are very thorough and have you french seam almost everything. I used my overlocker to finish internal seams.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I like the finished top, there is nothing to dislike.

Fabric Used:

Double gauze.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  • In The Fold patterns are drafted for a B cup. I took a gamble based on my previous experience of the ruffle top I made from the same designer and did a 5/8ths inch FBA, which I think has worked well for me
  • I added a further 2 inches of extra length to the front, originally blending to the tie to maintain the width of the tie. However, as designed, the ties are an extension of the front, and due to the extra length that I added, the sides of the top were not sitting correctly when it was tied up. So I ended up cutting the ties off, adding a simple facing to finish the front edges, and reattaching the ties
  • I added 2 inches of extra length to the back too
  • I interfaced the back neck facing
  • I shortened the sleeves by 1 inch
  • I made the side opening on the right hand side 1 inch smaller than required
  • Even with the extra length added, by using a single layer cutting layout, I was able to cut this top from 2 metres of fabric

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I might. I did find myself fiddling with the top whilst wearing it, which I hate, so I might add a press stud for extra security. This is a great pattern and I recommend.


Everyone loves a free pattern and this one is beautifully done.

See you soon!

Peppermint Magazine wrap top in double gauze

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6 thoughts on “peppermint magazine wrap top: diy pink double gauze wrap top

  1. I do hate fiddly garments. Hopefully the snap/popper makes it work better!

    Cotton gauze is not a favorite of mine. I think I sewed with it once and ehh. 🙂 Your top IS super cute though and it’s a perfect color on you!

    1. Thanks Nakisha. The top is ok and it will get worn (it’s already probably a bit too cold for it?) but yeah, don’t know if I will rush to sew with gauze again.

  2. Yeah, fiddling with wrap top coverage is a pain! I agree on added a snap to mitigate that annoyance. But this top and colour is really cute on you.

  3. I measure 44” in the bust and have had good success with FBA in the past for B cup drafted patterns. Would you mind revealing your bust, waist and hip measurements? I have cut out this pattern in size H based on my bust size but the pieces look too big, especially the back width. Also not crazy about the bunching around the underarm/bust area which is evident in a lot of people’s makes of this pattern on Instagram, so the FBA and some other trim-downs may be necessary. Like you, I will definitely want to add some length front and back and will have to work out how to do this vis a vis the ties. Many thanks for your comprehensive review and comments.

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