Lockdown Loungewear for Mum and Mini-Me

Mummy-and-me matching lounge outfits.


We are about to enter week 6 of Lockdown life here in the UK. Never has the phrase “unprecedented times” been used so much, and that applies to my sewing! I never thought I would find myself sewing loungewear, but that is exactly what I have sewn. And not just for myself, but for my 11 year old daughter too.

Simplicity 8529 sweatshirt worn with Simplicity 1187 jogger bottoms

Let me start at the beginning. After making my animal print sweatshirt with star motif I decided I wanted to extend my casual wardrobe a little further and ordered some of this looped back organic cotton sweatshirt fabric from Fabworks in the colour way sand. I proceeded to make myself a sweatshirt based on Simplicity 8982, but modified to have puffed sleeves.

Simplicity 8982 sweatshirt (modified) worn with Simplicity 1187 jogger bottoms

Once lockdown started in earnest, I decided I would make a couple of pairs of jogger bottoms to wear and ordered some more of the same fabric (one in the dove grey colourway), at which point my daughter decided she also wanted a matching loungewear set in the sand colour.

Simplicity 8529 sweatshirt worn with Simplicity 1187 jogger bottoms
Simplicity 8982 sweatshirt (modified) worn with Simplicity 1187 jogger bottoms

Now I have a true confession to make. Long time readers will know how much I love Fabworks fabrics. I have used many different types over the years. However, at least with this sand coloured fabric, the seams don’t seem to be holding up that well. Initially I sewed my sweatshirt up mainly on my overlocker, but the fabric seemed to be straining at the seams – not particularly in tight fitting areas. For the joggers, I double stitched the seams on my machine and then finished the seams on my overlocker (4 thread), and the same thing seems to be happening. I really don’t know why. Nothing has ripped, but these outfits have been on heavy rotation since being made and I will be interested to see how long they last (especially my daughters with all the gymnastic moves that she does!) I wanted to be honest about my experience with this fabric, and would love to hear from anyone else who makes something with it! So far I haven’t worn the grey joggers that much, but haven’t noticed the same thing happening. Yet!

Simplicity 8529 sweatshirt worn with Simplicity 1187 jogger bottoms
Simplicity 8982 sweatshirt (modified) worn with Simplicity 1187 jogger bottoms

I am going to add some brief notes down below on what patterns I used and what modifications I made. I think I actually prefer the grey with the animal print sweatshirt, just because I did a bit of a full thigh adjustment on the grey version so I think they fit a tad better.

McCalls 7688 sweatshirt worn with Simplicity 1187 jogger bottoms
McCalls 7688 sweatshirt worn with Simplicity 1187 jogger bottoms

Patterns Used/ Fitting Notes for Me

  • Joggers were made using Simplicity 1187, View C
  • I cut a size XL, tapering to a size XS at the ankle, but cut the length at the size M line
  • I cut a size XS for the ankle cuff and still took about 1 inch further out of the cuff width
  • I omitted the waistband and directly overlocked my 1″ wide elastic to the top of the joggers, folding down and stitching in place
  • I eliminated the fly extension
  • 0.5 inch full bum adjustment (plus added 0.25 inch to the back rise at the top)
  • 0.5 inch full tummy adjustment
  • Shortened length by 0.5 inches
  • Added in seam pockets
  • For the grey pair only; I did a 0.5 inch full inner thigh adjustment on the front piece
  • Sweatshirt was made using Simplicity 8982, view B
  • See previous post for fit details.
  • In addition to the previous fit adjustments, on this version I did a 1 inch full arm adjustment
  • I shortened the sleeve by 2 inches
  • I slashed and spread the sleeve cap into 6 sections, taking it down to 1 inch from the bottom of the sleeve and spread the sections 2.5 cm apart. I also added 2 cm to the height of the cap. In retrospect I wish I had added a bit more height
  • I shortened the neck band by 1 inch
  • I added hem bands
  • I added 4 cm extra width to the back side seams from under the arm and 3 cm to the front

Patterns Used/ Fitting Notes for Kezia

  • Joggers were made using Simplicity 1187, View C
  • Straight size XS with 0.5 added to back rise at top
  • Attached elastic same way as described for me, and eliminated fly
  • Made ankle cuff 1 inch smaller than XS size
  • Sweatshirt was made using Simplicity 8529, view D
  • Omitted lower band and left a raw finish for the hem
  • Added applique star to front (see here for details of how I did mine)

How about you? Has lockdown got you sewing things you wouldn’t normally? Whether you are sewing to keep your mind occupied, or whether you are sewing to support our key workers making scrubs or even face masks I hope you are keeping safe and well.

Until soon.

McCalls 7688 sweatshirt worn with Simplicity 1187 jogger bottoms

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By day I work in the exciting world of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, registering medicines (!), but by night I turn in to a sewing diva, making all manner of clothes in my beautiful sewing space (which you can tour using the link at the top of this blog). I love how sewing and sewing clothes that fit my curvy body continually challenges me. I enjoy working with all different types of fabric, and whilst I don't like to put restrictions on myself and say I won't buy RTW, the truth is that I probably rarely do buy it, preferring the fit of my own me-made clothes. I love to use natural fibres where ever possible and colourful coats are an obsession of mine! Sewing is both my addiction and my therapy. You can contact me at sewmanju@yahoo.co.uk

17 thoughts on “Lockdown Loungewear for Mum and Mini-Me

  1. Funny, my daughter is the same age… and is also catching up to me rapidly. Are you finding it is better to use ladies small sizes, or have you found the teen/tween patterns any good? The only ones I can find, that are not oop, are New Look and MadeByOranges BeTrendy magazine.
    My daughter just had a growth spurt, and I am praising God we bought her new shoes just before things went haywire. Now its time to dig out appropriate stash and sew up some much needed dresses.
    Isn’t it nice when your children appreciate the simple sews? They look good, even if you don’t expect they’ll last. Thanks for the forthrightness on that.

    1. Hi Mary, I just tend to use the smallest ladies size for my daughter. She is 11 but tall and developing, so it works. I will confess I don’t like to spend a lot of money buying patterns for her simply because she grows so fast at the moment. Have you checked Peppermint magazine (Australian) online? They have free patterns (PDFs) which I think are useful to have on hand for growing tweens.

  2. I love the way you have adapted to sleeves, the puff really makes the top stand out and becomes something other than just a sweat top.
    Fabworks is my local shop and I do buy the vast majority of my fabric from them but tend to keep to the woven as I find their jerseys really hit and miss.

  3. These are fantastic! Your mini-me is catching up to you; she is almost at tall as you! Enjoy wearing your lounge outfits, they look super comfy and very pretty!

  4. Love the leopard print with the grey jogger – the star looks extra fab!! Great to see you both keeping up with some great sews while in lock down – I’m turning to my machine more and more to feel less stressed so thanks for the inspiration.

  5. You and your mini are beautiful and the outfits are the best. I love sewing but have been doing quilts. You inspire me to try outfits again.

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