Megan Nielsen Patterns Dawn Jeans: DIY High Waisted Straight Legged Button Fly Jeans

Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans worn with Simplicity 8014 silk button up shirt

Hi Readers,

Today I am sharing my review of the Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans. This is an awesome pattern, if for no other reason than you get multiple options in the same envelope. If you want a high waisted jean designed to be sewn in non-stretch denim, then these are the jeans for you, with options to make a tapered leg, a straight leg (view B, the view I made), a wide leg or a pair of shorts. Great value from an Indie pattern.

Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans worn with Simplicity 8014 silk button up shirt

My version is made in a light/medium weight non stretch denim that I purchased locally to me. I think for a lot of people wearing non stretch denim may feel a little odd after the last decade or so of wearing skinny jeans with stretch, but I love the fit of these. They are not restrictive at all and have worn pretty well so far. Even though I had to fudge the waistband fit slightly (see below), I think they are a great fit through the backside with no alterations made in that region!

Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans worn with Simplicity 8014 silk button up shirt

One thing I need to point out…I hadn’t realised that Megan Nielsen recently released her “Curve” range of patterns which runs across sizes 14 – 30 (but only in PDF format). I am not 100% certain but I am guessing the Curve range of patterns utilises a different drafting block to the standard range of patterns, which in this case, runs from size 0 – 20. My version was made using the standard pattern (I bought a hard copy of the pattern which I then quite happily proceeded to chop up #teamcutthatshitout – see below), so I cannot comment on the fit of the Curve pattern. Overall I was impressed with the fit of the jeans I made which did not require massive amounts of fitting.

Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans worn with Simplicity 8014 silk button up shirt

As ever, there is a full review below, but what I did want to point out was my major alteration was a 5/8ths inch full tummy adjustment, which meant I had to alter the fly front pieces. Pictures below to show you how I did that.

Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans – full tummy adjustment
Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans – full tummy adjustment

And some detailed shots. I re-purposed an old leather jacket for the leather patch at the back of the jeans. These jeans have already been through the wash and the label seems fine.

Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans – leather label patch
Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans – button fly detail
Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans worn with Simplicity 8014 silk button up shirt

Pattern Review

Pattern Description:

Classic high waisted rigid jean pattern set. Includes four cuts and multiple lengths for tall, regular and cropped. Pattern features a high rise to sit on the natural waist, button fly, close fit through the waist and hips and classic jeans details.

View A is a tapered leg jean. View B is a straight leg jean. View C is a wide leg jean. View D is a jean short.

Inspired by our hunt to find the perfect pair of vintage jeans this pattern will fulfil all of your vintage jean dreams!

I made view B.

Pattern Sizing:

0 – 20.

Note that I cut a straight size 20 in the standard pattern, not the Curve pattern which covers sizes 14 – 30.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?


Were the instructions easy to follow?


What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

There is nothing to dislike. I love the look and fit of these jeans and the high waisted style. I also like the fact different style options are included in the same envelope.

Fabric Used:

Non stretch light/ medium weight denim.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  • The only major alteration I did was a 5/8ths inch full tummy adjustment, which meant I also had to adjust the fly pieces and make the pockets larger also by 5/8ths inch.
  • I initially curved the waistband by removing three 0.25 inch tucks at the centre back, but when it came to trying the jeans on, the waistband was gaping quite badly. I ended up going back in and taking a 5/8ths inch dart out of the waistband under where the centre back belt loop is. Not ideal but nobody can see or tell. For future versions I have distributed this amount in a series of further 0.25 inch tucks across the waistband.
  • I had to let the thigh seams out a smidge at the outer thigh.
  • I did not interface my waistband. It has been fine for wear all day. I don’t interface my Ginger jeans waistband and I don’t have issues with that either.
  • Ended up removing 4 inches from the length. I should have cut the regular crop inseam (FYI I am 5 foot 3 inches height).
  • For next time I might cut the waistband on the cross grain or add a seam to it. It is cut in one piece and eats a lot of fabric.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Definitely would like to make again and definitely recommend.


Mom jeans are back! You may be surprised at how much you like these once you try them out.

See you all soon.

Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans worn with Simplicity 8014 silk button up shirt

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21 thoughts on “Megan Nielsen Patterns Dawn Jeans: DIY High Waisted Straight Legged Button Fly Jeans

  1. those look great! I am so impressed with the Megan Nielsen jeans patterns, they seem to have quite a magical fit, at least for me they did. I start with extra fabric so I can cut out double – that single layer layout is just too time consuming 🙂

    1. Thanks Beth, and I am with you on the double layer cutting, rather than single. I tried that with my first pair of Ginger Jeans, forgot to flip the pattern piece over and ended up having to bin the project because I didn’t have enough to cut a second leg. Grrr!

    1. Beautiful! Love the pants and the outfit! I’ve been waiting for your review since I saw your stories. And now you’ve convinced me that I have to have the pattern. Always love to read your blog❤

    2. What a constructive comment you’ve made there! Where do you see the issues? What problem can you diagnose? How can they be improved? If you don’t have constructive things to say then don’t say it all. It’s mean spirited and not at all useful to anyone.
      Love this blog and last thing I want to see is less because of comments like this. Be constructive absolutely, this isn’t on any shape or form. Rethink your commenting!

    3. What a constructive comment you have given here, how very useful and throughout. Yes there is a very heavy sarcastic tone there. What problems do you see? How can they be rectified in your opinion? Rethink your commenting going forward. People share to help and inspire others and comments like this are simply mean spirited and no way constructive.
      I love this blog and don’t want to see this kind of comment preventing future sharing.
      For the record. I love these, fashion and clothing is very subjective so don’t leave very subjective comments without constructive criticism. It’s not useful to anyone!

  2. these look great on you! I have this pattern but have not made it yet, you’ve inspired me to give it a try!

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