Simplicity 8889 by Mimi G Style: DIY Cropped Linen Mix Shirt

Simplicity 8889 cropped linen mix shirt worn with Simplicity 8019 floral print button front skirt

Hi Everyone,

My love of button up collared shirts is well known, but how about a cropped version? That is entering new territory for me. But when I saw this version released by Simplicity patterns/ Mimi G, I just thought it looked so cute, and I also thought it might pair well with higher waisted items in my wardrobe.

Simplicity 8889 cropped linen mix shirt worn with Simplicity 8019 floral print button front skirt

Before going any further, I should say that the beautiful linen mix fabric was purchased from Fabworks Online many months ago, and has since sold out, but there are plenty of other options to chose from their website. I love the buttermilk colour and soft sheen.

Simplicity 8889 cropped linen mix shirt worn with Simplicity 8019 floral print button front skirt
Simplicity 8889 cropped linen mix shirt worn with Simplicity 8019 floral print button front skirt

The shirt has some cute details which make it an interesting sew: the hidden button placket and the shaped high-low hem which is finished with a facing. BTW, I chose to interface the facing with a lightweight knit fusible facing and I think you really need to do that, even though the pattern makes no mention of it. I used a fusible cotton interfacing for the collar and stand. You don’t interface the plackets due to the fabric being folded inwards to provide support.

Simplicity 8889 cropped linen mix shirt worn with Simplicity 8019 floral print button front skirt

When I initially finished making this shirt I wasn’t sure about it, largely due to the short length: despite me doing an FBA which lengthened the front by 5/8ths inch, AND additionally adding an inch of length to the front of the shirt I still felt rather exposed wearing it. My solution was to wear a nude cami underneath and I felt fine wearing this shirt all day. It also looks good with my high waisted wide legged pants. My full review is below, but also note that I also lowered the length of that side slit by 1 inch. Remember, any pattern is just a starting point and you can modify anything to suit you and make you feel comfortable wearing it, without loosing the overall aesthetic of the design.

Pattern Review

Pattern Description:

Simplicity Sewing Pattern S8889 Misses’ Shirt and Wide Leg Pants by Mimi G Style. I made the shirt (view A) which is cropped in length, has a shaped high-low hem finished with a facing, a hidden button placket, short sleeves, back pleat and collar stand and collar.

Pattern Sizing:

6 – 24

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?


Were the instructions easy to follow?


What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I actually love the finished shirt, even though it is short and I will only ever wear it with a cami tucked in underneath it, I still think it’s a cute look. Nothing to dislike as such. See below for my pattern alterations.

Fabric Used:

Linen mix blend.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  • I cut a straight size 18.
  • Note that, at least on the size 18 I cut out, the shoulder seam seemed to be 5/8ths inch too short. Because I did a tissue fit first I picked this up and just added 5/8ths inch to the seam. But check your pattern. Although it could have been me making a cutting error.
  • I did a 5/8ths inch FBA which brought in a side bust dart. Remember if you do this you also need to adjust the front facings. Also, this alteration has to be done to both left and right sides separately.
  • I lengthened the front of the shirt by 1 inch just above the front marker for stopping sewing, which dropped that marker position down by 1 inch, which effectively made that side slit 1 inch shorter.
  • I dropped the back marker for stopping sewing down by 1 inch and shortened the back facing above the marker by 1 inch.
  • I cut two yokes and clean finished the inside shoulder area using the burrito method.
  • I interfaced the hem facings using lightweight knit fusible interfacing, although the pattern doesn’t tell you to do this.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I don’t know if I need another one of these in my wardrobe right now, but never say never. Yes I recommend. Be prepared to do alterations if you are fuller busted.


Super cute! I love how this turned out.

See you all soon.

Simplicity 8889 cropped linen mix shirt worn with Simplicity 8019 floral print button front skirt

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8 thoughts on “Simplicity 8889 by Mimi G Style: DIY Cropped Linen Mix Shirt

  1. This looks great Manju. I love your reminder that a pattern is only a starting point, which is so true. Years ago it never even occurred to me that you could alter a pattern, I thought they had to be made exactly as they came out of the packet and wondered why nothing ever fit me!

    1. Thanks Sam. I was exactly the same: I used to cut things a size bigger to make it fit over my bust and wonder why it would be gaping around my back and neck. It’s all about experience…

  2. So very cute on you! Should be a nice top for the summer. I can see it working nicely with a straighter skirt.

  3. I really like the shirt. It looks so dressy especially with the skirt. Sadly I’m now old enough that I sewed the skirt pattern when it was first released and unfortunately when I had a pattern cull many years ago it was one that went and now I want it again!!

  4. Thanks for your thoughts on this pattern! Your blog has giving me some great tips and pointers before making a pattern for the first time. I really appreciate the effort you put in to your posts! Im about to cut this out now. X

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