Making Luna Lapin: DIY Wool Felt Heirloom Doll Rabbit with Clothes – Sewing Book Review

Making Luna Lapin wool felt heirloom doll

Hey Everyone,

Garment making is interrupted to bring you something a little different today. Over the Christmas break I made a couple of heirloom dolls, namely two wool felt rabbits using the book, Making Luna Lapin by Sarah Peel. Long time readers of this blog will know that 1. this is not the usual kind of thing that I like to make, and, 2. I don’t like handsewing (to be fair I did not appreciate how much hand sewing was involved in the making of the bodies at least!) but now that both dolls are complete I can confirm they are adorable with so many beautiful features.

Making Luna Lapin wool felt heirloom doll

From the outset I will say that this is a really well thought out book. The instructions are very clear with lots of attention to detail. The patterns are easy to trace out and seam allowances are included. It’s obvious that the author of this book is experienced and highly trained – there are lots of tips included which really help you to achieve a great result, including what thickness of wool felt to get. A total of 20 garment/ accessory patterns are included, as well as the patterns to make Luna, and some sweet little stories to accompany the sewing.

Making Luna Lapin wool felt heirloom doll
Making Luna Lapin wool felt heirloom doll

Of course, the item that drew me to this book was the coat, and for me, this was the most enjoyable item to make (no hand sewing! lol) The little details on this coat are just so cute – the (non functioning) welt pockets, the sleeve tabs and the little collar. Be warned: some parts of this coat have raw edges so you need to use a fabric which will not fray, and will also not be too thick and bulky. That’s why the wool felt is perfect.

Making Luna Lapin wool felt heirloom doll

The body is made from wool felt with the legs sewn into the body and the arms “jointed” to the body using buttons. The legs on my first rabbit may not quite be the same length 🙂 but it doesn’t matter. For a moment I considered machining the body but I do think the hand sewing adds a certain charm and character to the finished doll.

Making Luna Lapin wool felt heirloom doll

The book calls for lace to make french knickers but I didn’t have any so I used a scrap of cotton to make striped boxer shorts. The dress is supposed to be finished with a button and press stud but I used a ribbon to tie the dress closed in the back. I omitted the detachable collar from the dress and added some rick rack trim. These projects are perfect for using up those little scraps and oddments you have lying around.

Making Luna Lapin wool felt heirloom doll
Making Luna Lapin wool felt heirloom doll

One thing I will say is that I believe a second book was published last year which contains patterns for 4 different animal dolls and includes the pattern for Luna Lapin, as well as clothes. If I had known I would perhaps have bought the second book but the first book does also contain a pattern for an armchair which is not included in the second book.

I made two of these dolls: one for Kezia and one for ME! No regrets. The joke at work is that I take the clean desk policy to the extreme and have absolutely nothing on my desk, at all times. I might just take my Luna Lapin with me tomorrow and have it on my desk. Maybe.

Until soon fellow sewists!

Making Luna Lapin wool felt heirloom doll

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26 thoughts on “Making Luna Lapin: DIY Wool Felt Heirloom Doll Rabbit with Clothes – Sewing Book Review

  1. Delightful, for me it is full cycle as I started by sewing doll clothes as a child. Now with adult skills you have created this really cute duo. I am inspired and love your detailed review of your process. Thank you.

  2. Very cute, I’ve got the book and managed to buy the felt for the rabbit and a coat before Cool Crafting closed in Skipton, she’s on my to do list this year! Love the stripy knickers!

  3. You inspired me to finish my Luna’s coat, which I cut out last spring! I will have to look for the second book. This is the only hand sewing I enjoy. Your Luna’s turned out lovely.

  4. I have the book and the makings for Luna and I really must get my act together and get her made. Especially as I love handsewing!
    Every time I speak with Sarah Peel at a show, or the shop, I try to convince her to make that coat pattern full sized. Its just perfection!

  5. I’m really struggling to place the legs correctly to the body part so that they are facing the correct way. Please can you assist, as well as attaching the head.
    Thank you

  6. I made one and absolutely loved the whole process and finished look. mine did not come with a coat as I made Luna from the book sewing Luna Lapin and friends. Even without the coat I love her.

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