Simplicity 8641 / Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs Dress: DIY Black Pinafore Apron Dungaree Dress

Simplicity 8641/ Sew house seven burnside bibs dress version

Hey Everyone,

Who even am I? Dressed for work in a pinafore dress with trainers on, and loving the whole casual look!

Simplicity 8641/ Sew house seven burnside bibs dress version

This is Simplicity 8641, made in a polyester crepe from Minerva Crafts. I think I used the Florenza Crepe which is a smooth, light to medium weight crepe with lots of drape. I think you definitely want to avoid anything which is going to add bulk at the back of the dress when you gather the fabric up there using the ties. We all know that black is almost impossible to photograph, but hopefully the shot below will show you: there are a serious of tabs that you feed the straps through, and pull on to tighten the back up. BTW, there is also an invisible side zip on the right hand side.

Simplicity 8641/ Sew house seven burnside bibs dress version
Simplicity 8641/ Sew house seven burnside bibs dress version – twisted straps! Blah!

The pattern itself is, of course, the dress version of the burnside bibs pattern by Sew House Seven. I don’t think I could pull the trouser version off comfortably, but I love this dress version, even though it is way out of my normal comfort style zone. BTW, this is view B of the pattern, which has the slimmer cut skirt (with slit on one side seam) and the straight cut bib. This version of this pattern is really a wearable muslin; I think this would be so cute in a tartan for autumn, or a wool suiting or of course a very lightweight denim or chambray.

Simplicity 8641/ Sew house seven burnside bibs dress version

Pattern Review 

Pattern Description: 

Women’s’ Jumper dress from Sew House Seven features bib jumper with suspenders and back drawstring to achieve a perfect fit. Sew House Seven for Simplicity.

I made view B which has a slimmer cut skirt, a straight top bib and minimal topstitching.

Pattern Sizing:

6 – 24

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?


Were the instructions easy to follow?

For the most part, yes.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

Well, I just love I tried something different and I loved the finished garment! Very on trend and I can see this garment being made up a so many different fabrics for very different looks. Overall, the instructions are great, except for telling you to turn those great long straps through after sewing one end shut. Yuck! I just left both ends open, turned using my loop turner and then turned and sewed one end shut. Not ideal, but far less tears. Also, it is quite hard to get the inside looking perfect (topstitching facings from outside), at least it was in this crepe, but it’s passable.

Fabric Used:

Polyester crepe.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  • I sized up for this make. By at least one size, and I still had to add an inch to the side seams (just at the hips).
  • I shortened the length by 1 inch.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I would like to sew this again in a different fabric(s): a tartan would be cool, maybe with the waistband cut on the bias; a wool suiting, a very lightweight denim or chambray or a linen. Yes. I definitely recommend.


Preconceptions be gone. Tried something new and loved the end result. Will you?

See you soon!

Simplicity 8641/ Sew house seven burnside bibs dress version

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17 thoughts on “Simplicity 8641 / Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs Dress: DIY Black Pinafore Apron Dungaree Dress

  1. This is a very different look for you as you say, but it looks great. I think this pattern is a lot more grown up looking than some dungaree dress patterns out there currently.

  2. I saw this on instagram and said to myself: Well, if Manju made one of these pinafore dresses and she’s wearing it and she loves AND I very much like the way she looks in it, I’ll be darned, I have to try it! So I think I’ll be joining the cool crew and you’ll see me in a pinafore soon!

    Would you say that zip is necessary? Is there any shaping above the hips, other then the gathering?

    1. Thanks Geo! I admit I dithered as to whether to include the zipper or not. I think the answer as to whether to include it or not lies in 1. how big your hips are and 2. which view skirt you’re making. I can only comment on this view with the slimmer skirt, but being as I have large hips, and the fact the skirt opening is relatively smaller than said hips, I think the zip was essential 🙂 Hope that makes sense.

  3. I recently made the cropped pants version. Like you, they are a departure from my usual style but I love them!! You’ve inspired me to make a skirt version too!

  4. OH…but you know how much I love this. I’m tempted to draft a simple skirt onto the Burnside Bibs pants pattern that I already have in my stash! The dress looks so much easier to wear than overalls! Ah…decisions.

    Manju…I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. The details are on my blog. Please don’t feel any pressure to join if you’d rather not. xo

  5. Hi! I’m so glad I found your blogpost. I made the trouser version and absolutely loved it – wear them all the time – and was about to start doing a dress pattern hack but looks like I don’t need to bother! Looks great and I’m a total convert to this dungaree look (don’t like the other patterns I’ve seen out there). It’s a bit like wearing an extra layer to keep your chest warm don’t you think? Saves a jumper in the fall weather 😉

  6. Gorgeous make as usual! I love this blog. I’m making this right now because you made it seem so rad! The pattern pieces show a straight skirt. Is your version tapered in at all? I’ve tried mine on but not hemmed it. It seemed a little full at the bottom. What do you suggest?

    1. Thanks. I can’t remember if the skirt is tapered or not. I would just take some width out of the side seams to narrow the skirt down if you want that look.

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