Simplicity 2446: DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer

Simplicity 2446 DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer (worn with Pauline Alice Reina blouse)

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while. That’s because this blazer has taken me almost 2 weeks to complete. This is the second tailored blazer I have made (you can see the first one here), and unlike last time when I used traditional hand stitching techniques, this time around I used the fusible approach. It still seemed to take me just as long, lol.

Simplicity 2446 DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer

To make this blazer I used Simplicity 2446, which is one of those Amazing Fit patterns with 1 inch vertical seam allowances to permit fitting alterations to be made. There are lots of things which I like about this blazer (see review below for full details), and it is definitely going to get lots of wear, but I am going to state here and now that I feel it is too big in the shoulders (one of the perils of not making a muslin)! Of course, after I started sewing this blazer up and looked in more detail at other reviews I realised that other sewists have observed the same thing. If you have relatively small shoulders then the chances are you are going to have to do some kind of small shoulder adjustment on this pattern. It might be more obvious in the following picture. Like I say, it won’t stop me wearing this blazer lots because I do love it, and truthfully probably will rarely wear it fastened, but if I am going to sew this pattern again it’s something I need to address.

Simplicity 2446 DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer

See not as obvious when open.

Simplicity 2446 DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer worn with Pauline Alice Reina Blouse

Another thing I would alter next time is the fit at the back. I ended up removing quite a few inches back there, and I think next time around I would add a centre back seam.

Simplicity 2446 DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer

As mentioned above, this blazer was made using fusible interfacings to take the place of traditional tailoring techniques (full details below). I used the Craftsy class, Modern Jacket Techniques, but I am going to do a review of that class another day. What I will say is that the price of that class is worth it purely for the demonstration of the welt pockets that Pam Howard does. Brilliant! My first time doing these type of welt pockets with flaps and I am pretty pleased with how well they turned out. TIP: Pam advises double interfacing the flaps with a heavier weight weft insertion interfacing to help them hang correctly, and they do.

Simplicity 2446 DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer – Welt pocket with flap detail
Simplicity 2446 DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer – lined pocket flap in welt pocket detail

It is worth noting that the original Simplicity pattern does not include actual welt pockets, but a faux flap, and then an inseam pocket is inserted into the princess seam coming down from the shoulder. Dislike! Another thing which lets this pattern down somewhat is that there is no separate lining pieces included. As part of the Craftsy class, Pam Howard instructs you how to draft the back lining piece and also how to draft a back neck facing to add stability to the back of the jacket. I chose to bag my lining out.

Simplicity 2446 DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer – lining/ back facing detail
Simplicity 2446 DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer – inside flat piping at facing detail

None functioning vents are included as part of the two piece sleeve.

Simplicity 2446 DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer – triple button vent detail

Pattern Review

Pattern Description:
Misses’ and Miss Petite lined jacket sewing pattern with individual pattern pieces for A, B, C cup sizes. Simplicity sewing pattern, Amazing Fit Collection.
Pattern Sizing:
6 – 24
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Were the instructions easy to follow?
I didn’t really follow them. I followed the Craftsy class, Modern Jacket Techniques to make this jacket. I will post a review for that class on my blog soon.

One thing I did notice is that the instructions seem to miss out altogether the sewing of the dart on the jacket front.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

  • I really like the shoulder princess seams. I think it gives a leaner, cleaner look to the jacket.
  • I made minimal alterations to this jacket (really it is a wearable muslin as I hate to muslin otherwise).
  • I like the two piece sleeves (with non functioning vents), and they went in very easily.
  • Two piece under collar which is cut on the bias and with in-built turn of cloth, resulting in neat finished collar with no under collar showing on upper collar.


  • The blazer is too big for me in the shoulders (despite selecting my size based on high bust measurement). Next time around I will do a small shoulder adjustment. After making this jacket and reading other reviews this appears to be a common complaint from women with smaller shoulders, so be warned. It won’t stop me wearing the jacket though!
  • I dislike the original in seam pockets with the faux flaps, and replaced them with welt pockets with flap.
  • No back lining pattern piece included. I drafted a back lining piece with pleat and a back neck facing, using instructions provided in the Craftsy class.
  • I would like to add a centre back seam if I make this pattern up again. I found I had to remove quite a bit of excess in the back to improve the fit.

Fabric Used:
A ponte wool double knit. Viscose lining.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  • Added an extra button so blazer has three, rather than two, buttonholes
  • Changed inseam pockets with faux flap to welt pockets with flap
  • Drafted back lining piece with pleat and back neck facing
  • 1 inch sway back adjustment with removed length added back to hems
  • I ended up removing quite a bit from the back seams and a little from the side seams to improve overall fit
  • 2 inch full arm adjustment
  • My blazer is interfaced heavily inside. I used a lightweight knit interfacing to interface the blazer fronts, side fronts, all hems, sleeve vents, upper sleeve down to bicep level (about 8.5 inches), upper collar, upper back and upper side back (in place of a traditional back stay) and also pocket welts and back neck facing. I used a slightly heavier weight weft insertion interfacing to interface the front facings, under collar, a collar stand and pocket flaps (which were double interfaced to help them hang better).
  • Added topstitching and flat piping at the facing inside.
  • Made custom shoulder pads
  • Taped the shoulder seams using twill tape.
  • Added shoulder reinforcements made using hair canvas as otherwise the shoulders were collapsing on me as a result of being too big.
  • Bagged the lining out.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I am trying to find the perfect TNT blazer pattern and, with the exception of the shoulder fitting and lack of centre back seam this one is close. I might give it another go. Yes, I would recommend this pattern.

Despite some fit issues I love the finished blazer and it will definitely get LOTS of wear and love from me: a wardrobe staple.

Have you got a favourite blazer pattern? I still have McCalls 6172 in my stash…have a great week ahead!

Simplicity 2446 DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer



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36 thoughts on “Simplicity 2446: DIY Tailored Ponte Wool Knit Navy Blazer

  1. I love this, where did you get your wool ponte from? I love the accent piping too. I’ll definitely look at that crafty class as I’ve a few jackets waiting to be made up.

  2. Great looking blazer, you will wear it often. I had a couple wool double knit suits back in the 80″s that I wore to death. Wrinkle free and so comfortable. Today’s wool “ponte knit” is identical to wool double knit. I have some of both in my stash.

  3. As a point of curiosity, could you have narrowed the shoulders and the back at the princess seams? The amazing fit series appears to rely quite heavily on the fitting versatility of princess seams, so I’d expect them to be the easiest solution. Your pocket flaps are just lovely (and really, what’s worse than non-functional pockets?!), and I wish I’d known the double interfacing trick last week!

    1. Thanks Julie. Yes it had crossed my mind to narrow the shoulder seams that way but every narrow shoulder adjustment I looked at doesn’t do it like that. I guess you don’t want to be removing width from the lapel side as well? The interfacing trick is great!

  4. Manju – love your jacket! Your review is interesting because I have that pattern and my pattern has lining pieces and proper welt pockets! My jacket fits me fine in the shoulders but I usually have to do a broad shoulder adjustment so it must be big in the shoulders! I made two fully tailored wool suit jackets from this pattern.

  5. Manju this looks great. I should really finish watching that Craftsy class. I started it but she talks so slowly, it’s hard to watch. 🙂

  6. I also have the problem with big bust, small shoulders and tbh, I just take the sleeves off, cut down the shoulders and sew the sleeves back on.. There’s usually enough ease to accommodate it and it makes a heck of a difference to how it looks and how I fee about it.

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