Simplicity 1167: DIY Boyfriend Style Chino Trousers Pants

Simplicity 1167: DIY boyfriend style chino trousers/ pants worn with McCalls 6886 breton top

Hi Friends,

Today I am sharing my latest make with you, a new style for me, what I am calling boyfriend style chino trousers/ pants, made using Simplicity 1167 (another Mimi G Style pattern).

I have been wanting to get away from wearing skinny jeans/ jeggings as much as I do. It has been a verrrrry long time since I wore proper trousers (like maybe more than 4 years!) Since I gave up working I don’t feel the need to wear smart trousers on a daily basis. But this here is my first foray into sewing “proper trousers”.

Simplicity 1167: DIY boyfriend style chino trousers/ pants worn with McCalls 6886 breton top

Let’s talk about how my trousers compare to the picture on the pattern envelope shall we?

Simplicity 1167 pattern envelope

The ones on the pattern envelope look like they are made from ponte knit (the fabric recommendations for this pattern are stretch wovens only), and they are very fitted. The side seam looks skewed forward to me, almost as if the trousers were taken in along the side seams to get a closer fit? I didn’t want such a close fit, but what I will say is that I ended up having to remove a total of 2 inches from the outer seams of my version and they are still no where near as fitted as the pattern envelope ones are. Just saying. BTW, mine are made up in a stretch cotton sateen.

Simplicity 1167: DIY boyfriend style chino trousers/ pants worn with McCalls 6886 breton top

The main adjustments that I made to this pattern were to do a full butt adjustment and to curve my waistband more to account for my swayback and eliminate a huge amount of waistband gaping. To do the full butt adjustment I used a combination of the tutorials from By Hand London and Colette Patterns. This raised the back height up by 1.25 inches. I would say that these are a mid rise trouser, and this is something I need to get used to again (lately I have been all about the high rise). This is a picture of my adjusted pattern – sorry the adjustment is not that obvious to see.

Simplicity 1167: DIY boyfriend style chino trousers/ pants – full butt adjustment to back pattern piece

Heather describes how to curve a waistband here. From the picture below you might just be able to see I ended up making 4 “hinges” in the upper waistband, overlapping each hinge by 0.5 inches to effectively remove a total of 2 inches from my upper waistband. The blue waistband underneath is the original left waistband I cut which I ended up discarding and re-cutting using the modified pattern piece. (I did the same on the RHS waistband so I removed a total of 4 inches from the upper waistband in all).

Simplicity 1167: DIY boyfriend style chino trousers/ pants – waistband alteration to eliminate gaping

Here’s a back view – note that I added welt pockets using this amazing tutorial from Nicole at home which also provides downloadable pattern pieces. This is the first time I have done welt pockets and whilst they are perfectly secure and functioning, let’s just say there is certainly room for improvement. Also, can I just say that no matter how many times I post a back view of a garment it never becomes any easier for me to see that view! But, you know, because I want you to see a complete view of the garment I do it.

Simplicity 1167: DIY boyfriend style chino trousers/ pants

As ever, full review below. I had these trousers on all day yesterday and love the ease and comfort of wearing them, and combined with the smart fabric I think they tick that smart casual look I strive for on a daily basis. I think they will look better with slightly shorter tops than the ones I would typically wear with my skinny jeans though, which means sewing some new tops – if I really think this new trouser shape is a keeper. I do have another length of khaki/ olive stretch sateen. I am tempted now I have got these to fit to make a second pair, perhaps slightly longer. Do you think I should slim them down some, or should I just try another pattern?

Pattern review

Pattern Description:
Mimi G Style sportswear pattern for Misses includes great jacket, slim pants or shorts with fly-front and carriers in stretch wovens, and knit tank top.

I made view B.
Pattern Sizing:
6 – 24
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Mmmm…I would say mine look more relaxed fit.
Were the instructions easy to follow?
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I do like the finished trousers very much. They are very easy to sew. Separate pieces are included in the pattern envelope for view C (the shorts), and you are not just expected to shorten view B (the trousers), which I thought was a nice touch. The pattern includes facing pieces for the pocket to cut down on bulk which I thought was a great idea. The zipper instructions were good.


I think the pattern picture is slightly misleading. In the pattern picture the side leg seam looks skewed forward almost as if the seam has been taken in IMO to achieve the closer fit. I ended up removing a total of 2 inches from the outer seam of my version and they are still no where near as fitted as the pattern envelope. I am undecided whether to slim my legs down further or not.
Fabric Used:
Stretch cotton sateen
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

I did a full butt adjustment which added 1.25 inches to the back height.

I added 5/8ths inch to the height of the left and right waistband.

I curved my waistband to account for my swayback, removing a total of 2 inches from the left and 2 inches from the right hand side waistband.

I removed a total of 2 inches from the outer seam of my trousers, and have already adjusted the pattern to remove 0.5 inches from the inner and outer seam of both front and back legs next time.

Added back welt pockets.

I ended up cutting too much off my trouser legs! So I added cuffs to the bottom because I wanted the cuffed look.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Now that I have got the fit I think I should sew them again. But things I need to think about:


  • Should I slim the legs down further?
  • Can I get used to the mid rise?
  • Do I need to sew some tops to go with these trousers which are not as long as those I tend to wear with my skinny jeans?

I recommend in that these are an easy sew with great results but, as with any trouser/ pants pattern, be prepared to spend time perfecting the fit!


I love this version because they are so comfortable and yet still look smart.

Now that I have got this pattern to fit I would like to make a second pair (I have a length of khaki/olive stretch cotton sateen in my stash, and I am thinking a slightly longer pair, perhaps minus the cuffs), but I think I will wear these a couple more times before I decide.

What do you think? See you soon!

Simplicity 1167: DIY boyfriend style chino trousers/ pants worn with McCalls 6886 breton top


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By day I work in the exciting world of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, registering medicines (!), but by night I turn in to a sewing diva, making all manner of clothes in my beautiful sewing space (which you can tour using the link at the top of this blog). I love how sewing and sewing clothes that fit my curvy body continually challenges me. I enjoy working with all different types of fabric, and whilst I don't like to put restrictions on myself and say I won't buy RTW, the truth is that I probably rarely do buy it, preferring the fit of my own me-made clothes. I love to use natural fibres where ever possible and colourful coats are an obsession of mine! Sewing is both my addiction and my therapy. You can contact me at

57 thoughts on “Simplicity 1167: DIY Boyfriend Style Chino Trousers Pants

  1. I have been looking for a real pants pattern for myself. I always make my pants out of knits and really need to make a more professional pants. I don’t like Mimi G patterns because I find her clothing to be really too tight and would have never chosen her for myself but I might now that I see that with adjustments the pattern can be usable. I’ve wanted to make a pair of jeans since I saw your jeans but it has taken till now just to purchase the stretch denim fabric. I will be using the Jalie pattern to make jeans for myself and my daughter. Also thank you for the full butt adjustment explanation, I’ve never heard the term before but I really need to use it in my pants.

    1. Thanks Talliana. I was quite surprised at how these pants turned out TBH, but I would say they are worth trying if you like the style and are prepared to do some adjustments.

  2. They look great, longer without cuffs for the cooler weather maybe but bang on with heels as they are for now. I must admit having looked at trends on Boden’s website I made McCalls 7258 earlier this year which are very similar. My first pair I felt was too ‘wide’ but after tons of compliments and realising how comfortable and smart they feel I have made 2 more pairs and did thin down the leg and did the butt adjustment. Back view is ace go girl!

  3. I think you look great. In my opinion I prefer this to the pattern envelope pictures which make them look like leggings. I love how you styled them too The combo of the stripe and leopard print shoes is perfect.

  4. they look great and much better than the pattern envelope version which looks like she is wearing someone else’s pants (way too tight for the style). now that you have the fit worked out you could just change the rise to make it more comfortable. definitely sew up again. a winner on you.

  5. I like your pants very much and I think they suit you very well. I wouldn’t recognize the envelope version! I have no idea about fitting trousers so I can’t give any advice. You could sew another pair!

  6. I really like your pants, they look great and fit so good. I agree with all the other comments, her clothing is tight and I really can’t tell what the garment is suppose to look and wear like.

  7. Love your version, the pattern envelope makes them look like leggings, yours are much nicer, just the right amount of ease. Isn’t it annoying though that the envelopes of some patterns can be so misleadingly.

    Debbie B

  8. I like these a lot; to be perfectly honest I think Mimi G’s version needs more ease! Yours look just right to me, and I love the proportions. The slightly cropped length is very attractive.

    1. Thanks Catherine. I have worn them a couple of times. What I have realised is that I can wear a shorter length top/ tucked in, but I think I do need a longer length jacket on top. A blazer is on the list of things to sew….

  9. I don’t like the pattern envelope version for all the reasons others give but your version is great. Probably not slimmer? Wait and see what you think.
    My back rise is always too low on RTW (I’ve never made any). I reckon I need that full butt adjustment! Though being tall contributes. I might not start with this pattern, though.

  10. The difference between your version and the one on the pattern envelope is bizarre. I know they sometimes alter to make garments look picture-perfect, but this is more like false advertising! I definitely prefer your version. I think it looks fine without any extra width taken out, and the top you are wearing with it is a good length.

    1. Thank you Siobhan. On the whole I tend to steer clear of the very fitted look that Mimi G favours but this is the third pattern of hers (for Simplicity) that I have sewn and I have liked all of them. I was quite surprised at how different these turned out to the pattern envelope, but I do like them.

  11. OH my gosh, I love those pants on you! They are so sophisticated and flattering. From the pattern photos, I would never have anticipated they would look like they do…smart is the perfect description! I wouldn’t make the legs narrower…with the cuff and the welt pockets, the looser leg is perfect.

  12. I think these are so flattering and fit so well. No I definitely would not go slimmer. They look so balanced on you. If I was you I would make more of the same.

  13. I think the width looks good as it is. Maybe a tiny bit longer would look good – I’m quite short and surprisingly, I find longer makes me look a bit taller and slimmer. I need the butt adjustment too but hadn’t heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Wynn. Yep I think I am thinking keep the width as is but no cropped leg on the next pair. When I buy or make skinny jeans/ jeggings I prefer the slightly too long wrinkled ankle/ calf look as I think it is more flattering.

  14. They look really nice on you. After all that work to adjust the pattern, I definitely think you should make them again. I think the ease is perfect for a trouser. If you narrow the legs, it will look more like a legging, and thats what you said you wanted to get away from, lol. 🙂

  15. These look fabulous Manju and far, far nicer than those on the pattern envelope. I would never have even considered that pattern had I not seen your, now I’m thinking they could be the casual trousers I need in my wardrobe. Definitely worth investigating further.

  16. These look great! Love them with those shoes! It sounds like you already have plenty of slim fitting trousers to choose from so I’d probably keep the width as is. I’d definitely wear a pair of these – just my sort of thing! An olive pair would look fab!

  17. I love this ensemble! I would definitely wear such an ensemble.I love the fit of your trousers. To me they are just right, not too fitted, not too loose. I wanted to make a similar pair of trousers for the summer but never got around to it and now fall is around the corner. Oh well, there’s always next summer! I love your top and also how you styled the ensemble. Those shoes…love!

    1. Thanks Tomasa. Yep, I am debating whether to sew the second pair up or wait until next spring. They are a great comfortable style, but I still need to work out styling them.

  18. I love how you captured a casual trouser without excess fullness, not an easy job to do. And I too would have never guessed your pants came from that pattern.

  19. I haven’t worn real pants in*years*. RTW doesn’t fit me and I’ve not had time to work on a pants pattern. This is working for you. I’ll have to track this one down.

  20. As with all of your makes, these look great. I was looking for a cigarette pant pattern and I think this will serve me well. It will require the pipe leg shape which is straight and only slightly tapered from the knee down. No cuff would be needed, but they are usually cropped at the ankle. Maybe you could try that style.

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