Custom Woven Clothing Labels from Dutch Label Shop

Custom woven clothing labels from Dutch Label Shop

Hey Friends,

Some time ago I was contacted by a representative from an American company called Dutch Label Shop asking if I wanted to try some of their custom woven clothing labels. This company specialises in manufacturing high-quality, customised woven labels in quantities as small as 30, which makes it a cost effect solution for individual users (like me!) as well as emerging smaller sized brands. The labels were provided to me on a complimentary basis, with an invitation for me to blog about my experience if I wanted. So here is my honest review.

As far as my personal interests were concerned there were two relevant options open to me: basic woven labels or woven logo labels (the latter option being the one that I took). That’s not to say that I wasn’t tempted by the basic woven labels, because I was. If you check out the pre-loaded symbol options with the basic woven labels you will see there is a sewing (and fashion) category, with loads of very cute symbols like a reel of thread, scissors, buttons, a tape measure, a dress form etc. If you chose to use this option I guarantee it is super easy and fast to create your own basic woven labels with your own wording included.

Anyway, the reason that I went with the woven logo labels was that you have a greater choice of label type (I went for the centre fold just because I often prefer my labels to be placed more discretely in a side seam and this way I can have them in a side or neck seam). Example below:

McCalls 7058 White Cropped Linton Tweed Boucle Jacket – side view – inside lining – custom woven clothing label from The Dutch Label Shop

Creating my woven logo labels was very simple using The Dutch Label Shop’s website. It’s pretty idiot-proof with a good selection of options, including label type and size, label and logo colours and sew on or iron on options. There is also a “preserve light background” option which weaves an additional layer of white thread into your label to vibrantly brighten the background color, and prevent shine-through. As my labels featured a light background with a black logo I included this option and I have no complaints.

In terms of quality, the labels I went for have a very luxurious feel to them. They are heavy and thick and really add that special finishing touch to my handmade garments. 200 labels came to just under $100USD (excluding shipping) and I think that’s pretty good value for money. I also have to really compliment the Dutch Label Shop customer service team because they really were brilliant. They checked my label and answered all my questions.

In conclusion, I love my new labels. I wouldn’t recommend them to you if I didn’t. I am very grateful to The Dutch Label Shop for giving me the opportunity to try their labels out, and if any of my readers fancies trying them out for themselves then there is a discount code which you can enter at the checkout, active for the next 30 days: sewmanju. That code will get you 15% off.

Be back soon!

Custom woven clothing labels from Dutch Label Shop



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12 thoughts on “Custom Woven Clothing Labels from Dutch Label Shop

  1. Thank you for sharing! While I haven’t delved into adding labels to my clothes just yet, I do like to gather information about suppliers for future use.

  2. It is hard to find a label company that will take small orders. I had some made years ago and then lost the company’s information. So – I was happy to see your review today! I ended up ordering the basic, which is very reasonable. I hope they add more options in the future. I do really like your custom labels though!

      1. Just wanted to mention that I got my order, and my (minimalist design) labels are very nice. The quality is better than my old labels. So thank you for your review – I was able to get something I’d thought about for some time.

  3. Tried to order some of the weekend but you can only order online if you are in the US or Canada.

    1. Hi Linda. The same thing happened to me and their customer service department assured me they had changed their website to allow shipping worldwide. I can only suggest you send their customer service department an email and explain the problem. Their service department really was great: prompt and efficient so I hope they can sort this out for you.

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