Pauline Alice Reina Shirt:DIY Button Front Tie Neck Blouse

Pauline Alice Reina Button Front Tie Neck Blouse – worn with Butterick 6179 culottes

Hi Friends,

A little while ago Pauline Alice asked me if I would be interested in testing her latest shirt pattern: the Reina shirt.

The Reina shirt is described as “romantic and feminine. It flares out slightly at the bottom with a longer back. Gathered at the front and back, [lots of] loops for fastenings and deep V-neckline”.

Pauline Alice Reina Button Front Tie Neck Blouse – worn with Butterick 6179 culottes

Here’s the line drawing:

Pauline Alice Reina Button Front Tie Neck Blouse

You will see there are two views. View A has a tie neck blouse and long, wide sleeves gathered into a contoured cuff. View B has a mandarin collar with short sleeves and pockets.

I ended up doing a mish-mash of both views: I did the tie neck with short sleeves (no pockets).

As I was a pattern tester for this pattern I am not going to do a full review.There were a couple of issues with the blouse (like the depth of the neckline) that Pauline assures me have now been addressed. Be warned there are a lot of button loops to make. There are 15 on my tester version…but truthfully I could do with one more at the top. I didn’t find making the button loops difficult. I used a roleaux loop turner (I am a fan – I know not everyone is) and if you take your time marking and basting, the button loops are fairly easy to do and are a lovely detail.

Pauline Alice Reina Button Front Tie Neck Blouse

My fabric is a polyester crepe that was purchased from eBay at least a year ago?

In terms of modifications the only things I did were to lengthen the shirt by 4 inches and shorten the sleeves by 4 inches. I french seamed the sides, sleeve seams and sleeves into the armholes.

If you want to see a shot of this blouse (as I wore it today), untucked, then click here to see it in my instagram feed. I have already worn this blouse loads. It is so versatile and makes for effortless dressing. I also like the fact the tie is not too big, but is quite slim.

Pauline has also released two other new patterns today: the Safor skirt and Saler jacket. I am liking the look of the skirt in particular. Together the three patterns are designed almost as a mini-wardrobe.

Overall I do recommend this blouse. I am sure I will make it again in the future…as ever it is a case of waiting for the right fabric to strike my fancy!

Also, my Butterick 6179 culottes have been getting lots of wear! Love them. Would it be boring to make another pair? Navy perhaps?

Have a great weekend!

Pauline Alice Reina Button Front Tie Neck Blouse – worn with Butterick 6179 culottes




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22 thoughts on “Pauline Alice Reina Shirt:DIY Button Front Tie Neck Blouse

  1. i’v just found your blog and just wanted to say that you are such an inspiration! I have a very similar shape to yours and your creations are so beautiful i’ve actually gone and bought 3 patterns solely bc of your renditions of them.
    I’m now an eager follower!

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