Vogue 1359: DIY Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress

Vogue 1359: Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress
Vogue 1359: Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress

Hello There Friends,

Hope you are all ok. Today’s post is about Vogue 1359, a dress I have made once before: see here. This might sound strange, but I have only worn that dress a couple of times since it was made. I think it was the fabric that I didn’t love? But there was something about the pattern which I did like (I do like things with twists/ drapes/ gathers at the waist). And then I saw this Boden dress and it was my inspiration:

Vogue 1359: Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress
Vogue 1359: Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress

Check out my original post on this dress for the modifications I made. This version is made in a soft cotton jersey (I think? It’s been in my stash for a little while). The only changes made this time were to the lining. Last time the front bodice lining was far too short…although I discovered this may have been due to me omitting to attach the neckline facing. So for this version I added 3.5″ to the front bodice lining piece (I will only add 2″ next time), tapering to 2″ at the sides and continuing round to the back sides, then tapering away to 0, 4 inches away from the centre back seam. The body of the dress is fully lined with a soft mystery stretch fabric. EDITED: forgot to say on my first version, the shoulders felt like they were slipping too far down my arm so I did a bit of a cheats adjustment and just made the pleats at the shoulders larger (0.5″?). I also stabilised the shoulders with elastic.

Vogue 1359: Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress - lining
Vogue 1359: Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress – lining

I obviously shortened the sleeves as well and – for the first time ever! – interfaced the hems (with knit interfacing) before twin needling. Results…ok…probably a bit better than without the interfacing….I am a bit meh on it. Maybe try again on my next knit dress project.

Vogue 1359: Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress
Vogue 1359: Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress

The one thing I wish I had done differently is stay stitch the neckline. It’s annoying because it’s something I would normally do, but the instructions don’t make mention of it, and I forgot. So I think the neckline has stretched…it is trying to stand away from the body somewhat…but I think I rescued it by fusing the facing to the dress neckline using some double sided hemming tape and the weight of the lining seems to be holding the neckline in place.

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago and since then it has become cold and wet again. Blah! But I have worn this dress a couple of times and I genuinely do love it because it is so easy to wear and the lining means it is flattering too. I could see this dress being worn year round and it just pulls on. Sometimes simple is the best, right?

Until soon.

Vogue 1359: Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress
Vogue 1359: Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress

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37 thoughts on “Vogue 1359: DIY Twist Front Floral Jersey Dress

  1. Fabulous! The twist front makes it super flattering and the fabric looks really lovely and Spring-like. Another pattern to add to my list!

  2. I agree that the dress is very flattering. Isn’t fun to learn from each project? The garments you post are always inspiring.

  3. Really pretty dress and it’s really flattering! (May have to look up this pattern for myself!) The shorter sleeve length works particularly well – seems to be a better balance for the neckline, IMHO.

  4. Agree that this dress is super flattering. In fact, you look better than the model. I love it when that happens. Now I’m buying this pattern.

  5. Loving this dress more than the first. The print is lovely. Why would you ever need to shop again if you can make something as fab as this? I need to get myself a Boden catalogue!

  6. I must tell you, from my view point it looks lovely on you. The color, fit, style are all very becoming.

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