Erbsenprinzessin ballet suit leotard pattern: DIY girls gymnastics leotard

DIY gymnastics leotard
DIY gymnastics leotard

Hi Friends,

Today is a quick review of a gymnastics leotard that I made for Kezia using a new to me pattern: it’s the Erbsenprinzessin ballet suit leotard pattern, which I downloaded from Etsy. If you have a little girl (or even not so little; the pattern runs to 12 years), who is into gymnastics or ballet I highly recommend this pattern.

Kezia started gymnastics in September and loves it. Before that, she did a couple of years of ballet/ dance. So she was wearing her old skirted ballet dress. I told her I wouldn’t buy her a new leotard until she had gone to gymnastics for at least a couple of terms (tough mum!) so when I came across this pattern and realised I had some black swimsuit fabric left over from my Ginger swimsuit, I thought, let’s see if I can do this.

DIY gymnastics leotard
DIY gymnastics leotard

Why do I love this pattern? It’s such great value for money, it’s so quick to tape together and sew, and the results and fit (for me/ Kezia at least) are brilliant. I couldn’t be happier with it. Also, the pattern includes options to sew a skirted ballet style leotard too. It’s a basic pattern, not a fancy one like your Jalie types, but I reckon it wouldn’t be hard to customise.

DIY gymnastics leotard
DIY gymnastics leotard

(BTW, apologies for the not very good photos: you can tell I took these and not Philip or my sister).

Anyway, I pretty much followed the instructions. I cut a straight size 6 I think? It fits perfectly. I added the crotch (self) lining. The only thing I did differently was that the instructions tell you to use FOE or a self fabric band to finish the neck/ leg holes. I used knit elastic (not woven elastic; that is harder to apply) and stitched it to the wrong side of the suit, folded it over and stitched it down again.

DIY gymnastics leotard
DIY gymnastics leotard

I have a long list of things I want to sew for spring already. Any one else thinking of spring sewing? Have a great day!

DIY gymnastics leotard
DIY gymnastics leotard

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20 thoughts on “Erbsenprinzessin ballet suit leotard pattern: DIY girls gymnastics leotard

  1. What a good idea. I would never have even thought of trying to make a leotard and your daughter models it so beautifully.

  2. Another winner! Adorable little one you have there, too! Great job on the leotard. Looks very professional.

  3. Great job, Manju! The fit is fantastic. I am getting ready to sew resort wear (so to speak) as we are headed to the Caribbean soon. So, I kind of feel like I am skipping over Spring and heading straight in to Summer.

  4. Thank you for this review of pattern. because it fit so nicely on your daughter (who’s very cute by the way) I bought it and have made my granddaughters several. and they all fit well!

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