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Good Evening Friends,

So, this Blog Hop thing has been going around for a while now. Whilst I do find it interesting reading other people’s answers, I admit, I am lazy when it comes to doing things like this myself. However, it’s that time of the evening when my little girl watches her 1 hour of cartoons, so here I am….writing.

First off, I have to say thank you to two people for nominating me. First is Beth from SunnyGal Studio. We all know Beth by now. Immaculate tailoress, pattern whisperer and teacher extraordinaire. Second (and for this I do feel bad!) is Sam from Stitched Up by Samantha. Sam asked me to take part in this Blog Hop several weeks ago and I fobbed her off with an excuse of being too busy. Sorry Sam ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I have met Sam in real life. She is a multi-talented lady, who is not only one of the Minerva Network Bloggers, but also knits and does beautiful free motion quilting.

On to my answers! Don’t expect too much waffle: I am a strong believer in why use 500 words to say what can be said in only 50. Haha

1. Why do I write?

Hmmm. By nature I am quite methodical and organised. In a former life I was a project manager in the pharmaceutical industry and writing large documents and reports was part of my daily life. In fact, I have kept diaries on and off since I was a young girl, and of course I wrote my PhD thesis. So what I am saying is that, writing of some kind has always featured in my life. Writing this blog helps me to effectively keep a record of everything I make, including any alterations etc.

But, more than that, I like to think that I might inspire and teach others useful tidbits. When I first discovered sewing blogs maybe 3 years ago I never thought I would, one day, write one myself. And it’s true, sewing can be quite an isolated hobby. I find it incredible to think of all the supportive friends I have made via blogging, whether I have met them in real life or not, it’s a great way to reach out and share your passion with other like minded people. So I guess that’s a great reason to write ๐Ÿ™‚

Me with Sam and Maria at the Minerva Meet Up earlier this year
Me with Sam and Maria at the Minerva Meet Up earlier this year

2. How is your blog different to others of the same genre?

Eek. I don’t think it is much different is my honest opinion. I try and be honest in what I sew and my pattern reviews. I am currently a stay at home mum so the things I sew, generally, reflect that. Just because you are a stay at home mum doesn’t mean you should lose your identity or sense of style. If there are things I feel are amiss in a pattern, whether Big 4 or indie, I will say that.

I am someone who likes to wear a variety of different styles and changeย  my look. I hope people coming to my blog will be inspired to try something new out.

Just this year alone I have sewn such a variety of things, and my abilities are improving with each and every project:

Burdastyle Zipper Sweatshirt 08/2014
Burdastyle Zipper Sweatshirt 08/2014
Butterick 5871 Sequin Dress
Butterick 5871 Sequin Dress
Burdastyle Plus Size Placket Blouse 01/2010#133
Burdastyle Plus Size Placket Blouse 01/2010#133
Ohhh Lulu Ginger Swimsuit
Ohhh Lulu Ginger Swimsuit
My first completed underwired bra!
My first completed underwired bra!
McCalls 6696: DIY navy linen shirt dress
McCalls 6696: DIY navy linen shirt dress
Butterick 5683: quilted jacket
Butterick 5683: quilted jacket

3. What am I working on right now?

Here’s a sneaky peak: Vogue 8998

Vogue 8998
Vogue 8998
Vogue 8998
Vogue 8998

Next month is a milestone birthday for me: I am turning 40. So Vogue 8998 is going to be my birthday dress (hopefully). I am making it out of a floral silk. Handling this silk is something akin to trying to lasso a cloud ๐Ÿ™‚ I have underlined the bodice with silk organza and it is going to be lined with a silk cotton. Today I came up against a problem: I ran out of fabric when cutting out the skirt pieces. Tomorrow I will have to order some more and pray it reaches me in time (I ordered it from a silk seller on ebay who is based in China!) More to follow…

4. What is your writing process?

As I am sewing my current project I will be thinking of what I have to say about it, make little notes, take any relevant photos and then, as soon as I have finished the project, at the first opportune moment (in terms of weather) I will make hubby (normally) take photos, and when I get the chance, edit and write the blog post. I have to do it before I can start the next project, just like I have to pack away the pattern and hoover my room out generally, before starting the next project. And I cannot wear whatever it is “in the real world” without taking photos first. haha. Don’t we have these strange habits? BTW, I also DON’T have UFOs and if a wadder is a wadder, it’s binned.

So, it appears I have finished. Phew!

I would like to nominate the following two bloggers if they would like too. I have not asked either of them (which is very rude of me), so I will not be offended in the slightest if they chose not to take part. (One is currently heavily pregnant, the other is about to start a new job…excuses, excuses…:-))

First, Amanda, from Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing. Really, not only is this lady a meticulous and talented seamstress, she’s a mum of 4 and expecting her 5th (have I got that right Amanda?) but she still finds time to sew incredible things like this jacket. She is one of the first bloggers I can across, and still remains one of my all time favourites.

Second, Debbie from Stitches and Seams. Whilst Debbie is a far more experienced seamstress than myself, I believe we have a few things in common, not least the fact that you can rely on Debbie for an honest review of a pattern and she sews things which suit her lifestyle. She’s someone else I learn a lot from.

You’re supposed to post your Blog Hop answers in 7 days…

Until soon my friends…






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I love to shop, but I also love to sew my own clothes, and am currently on a mission to improve my (fairly basic) dressmaking skills. I confess to going into shops and being outraged at the prices of some (not very well made) garments (is it an age thing?) and think "huh, I could make some thing at least as good as that for less" (is it something to do with coming from the Indian subcontinent?) So this blog details my sewing endeavours, both good and bad....I love to nosey through other people's sewing everyone can get to see mine.

20 thoughts on “Blog Hop – Why I Write

  1. I’m enjoying these blog hops! I think you are actually the first clothes-sewing blogger I’ve started following – I love all the neat things you and the other bloggers are making – going to start making some more complicated clothes for myself soon!

  2. Love how you are so organised and stylish Manju. Meeting you and Sam this year was one of the key highlights of my trip to the Minerva Meetup – and visiting Linton!!!
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you with your birthday dress. The fabric is so lovely.

  3. Lovely to read your answers Manju. Beth is obviously more persuasive than I am! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I hope you are able to get some more of that silk, it looks wonderful.

  4. I’m glad you write! If you didnt I would not have found your blog. You are a inspiration too. Thanks to you I made the Vogue wrap dress and want to make a bra too. I just started blogging so it always fun to read sewing blogs and learn new techniques to improve my skills. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Manju,
    Thanks for thinking of me. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s response to this blog hop. I had my baby last Thursday (my 4th), but there were complications and he is still in the hospital in the NICU. As a result I am very busy driving back and forth to be with him and still spend time with my family, and will be unable to participate at this time.

    1. Hi Amanda, totally thinking of you and your family and especially your new little one right now. Hope he makes a full recovery and absolutely understand you must be worried sick at the moment. Take care.

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