OOP Simplicity 2823: DIY satin floral pyjamas

Simplicity 2823 floral satin pyjamas
Simplicity 2823 floral satin pyjamas

Pre-blogging days, before I really knew what I was doing with regards to sewing/ buying patterns, I bought this pattern. It’s (now OOP) simplicity 2823, which I see you can still buy from their USA website. I think I had visions of making coordinating pyjamas for myself, Phil and Kezia. Kind of a pyjama dressed version of the Von Trapp family, minus the singing. TBH I don’t know what attracted me to this pattern. Just the fact it looked easy (no collar) etc.

Anyway, the other week I bought this cheap floral satin fabric from ebay (if you’re interested, these pyjamas cost less than £15 to make, including postage and the buttons). Since I was at University many years ago I have had a thing for (floral) satin pyjamas. I just like the feel of rolling around in them. And with the holiday season coming up (you know, you have to look a little glam for those early morning christmas photos when you have little ones), I decided to give this pattern a shot.

Simplicity 2823 floral satin pyjamas
Simplicity 2823 floral satin pyjamas – there is a little patch pocket hiding on my right breast

I am actually really pleased with how they turned out, except for the curved hem at the bottom of the top, which is possibly the jankiest hem ever sewn in the history of the world. It is making me grind my teeth just thinking about how janky it looks! After I have finished writing this post I think I might unpick it and re-do it. It’s the one thing you can guarantee someone will notice and KNOW that you made whatever it is  you are wearing.

Simplicity 2823 floral satin pyjamas
Simplicity 2823 floral satin pyjamas

Overall, it was a pleasure to make these after the last couple of jacket projects. I did find the satin not the easiest of fabrics to sew. It wanted to shift about a fair bit. Probably I should have basted more, but I just wanted a quick and dirty project. Here’s my review:

Pattern Review:

Pattern Description:

Unisex Child, Teen & Adult Top and Pants

Pattern Sizing:

Childs XS – adult XL.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Yes, except I think my version is much more glam! haha.

Were the instructions easy to follow?


What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

Well, the pattern envelope may not be particularly inspiring, but I like my floral satin version. They are very comfortable. If you are not looking for a traditional pyjama top with a collar, then this is actually a really easy pattern to sew up. No dislikes.

Fabric Used:

Floral satin.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

For the bottoms, I compared the pattern pieces to a pair of RTW satin pyjamas that I had. From that comparison I raised the crotch by almost 3 inches, and also shortened the length by 3 inches, although if I make these again I think I will only shorten by 2 inches. I didn’t make any changes to the top.

I understitched the facing and used fusible web at the shoulders to stop the facing from rolling out.

As I was making these pyjamas for myself, I lapped the RHS over the LHS (and not the other way which is for men, as suggested in the pattern).

I made the hems at the bottom of the shirt and sleeve openings 1 1/4 inches wide (and shortened the sleeves by 3/4″).

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I might sew these again. They are so simple to make. I do recommend. Good for beginners.


Sometimes the fabric maketh the pattern and not pattern maketh the fabric.

Simplicity 2823 floral satin pyjamas
Simplicity 2823 floral satin pyjamas

I am off to pour myself a large gin and re-do my hem. I find gin always make anything janky appear less so….have a great weekend everyone!




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25 thoughts on “OOP Simplicity 2823: DIY satin floral pyjamas

  1. Your PJ’s are much nicer than mine! You are inspiring me to make something nicer than the flannel pants and giant T-shirts I currently sleep in:)

  2. Oh but they’re glam! I had never thought of chic pjs for Xmas morning before, these are just heavenly, and I do agree, I’m sure it’s your fabric choice! But you wear them so well too !

  3. SOOOOOO cute! I love them! I have many pajama and nightgown patterns in my stash, but I never seem to find the time to make something that just gets worn to bed. But oh, these are so cute.

    1. Thanks amanda. I think we are all guilty of thinking its not worth the effort of making pyjamas or casual clothes but IRL these are the items that we probably wear day in and day out. Making them a bit fancy makes it seen less mundane sewing 🙂

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