Paris fabric shopping and I need some advice!

This shop was huge and perhaps overwhelming unless you have a lot of time (which I didn’t with a 4 year old in tow), so I stuck to a couple of smaller shops.

We made a short trip to Paris last week. When I say short, I mean, we arrived in Paris late on Wednesday evening, and spent the whole of Thursday at EuroDisney, which Kezia was thrilled with. She got to meet Mickey Mouse and have lunch with Cinderella, Belle and Aurora (Disney princesses), and see the parade with all her favourite characters in. On Friday we had some time to spare before our flight back so we went fabric shopping. Ooh la la!

I used Fehrtrade’s invaluable guide to Paris fabric shopping, which although written 3 years ago, is still super helpful and accurate. The two shops where I bought my fabric were on Place Saint Pierre. Here are some pics:

I bought my wool and lace fabric in the shop you can see on the left, with the purple canopy outside.
Interior shot of the purple canopied shop: yes, fabric jumble sale comes to mind. You did have to dig, but it was worth it.
This shop with the blue canopy is where I bought my cottons.
Interior shot of the shop where I bought my cottons.
Interior shot of the shop where I bought my cottons.

So, anyway, here’s what I bought.

L-R: blue rose/ dotted cotton, grey checked cotton, light green/ white floral print cotton, white broiderie anglaise.
L-R: blue rose/ dotted cotton, grey checked cotton, light green/ white floral print cotton, white broiderie anglaise.

The first three cottons you can see above were 9 euros for 3 metres a piece. I think that is a pretty decent price. The white broiderie anglaise was a little more costly; 35 euros for 3 metres. But I just had to have it. Here’s a bigger shot of it:

White broiderie anglaise
White broiderie anglaise

The cottons have already been washed, dried, pressed and put away until next year.

Kezia picked out this lace for herself (!):

Pink lace - 20 euros for 3 metres.
Pink lace – 20 euros for 3 metres.

It has some stretch to it. I am thinking maybe skater style dress for her. I am sure I will be able to squeeze a top or something out of it for myself too 🙂 It’s is very wide I think.

Last but not least, this purple wool fabric. It has a wonderful woven texture to it:

Wool fabric - 30 euros for 3 metres.
Wool fabric – 30 euros for 3 metres.

Here’s where I need your advice readers. The fabric is backed by some kind of interfacing. It is very firmly adhered to it:

Back of wool fabric
Back of wool fabric

Question: does this mean I don’t need to interface the fabric? I am thinking winter jacket. But I don’t know. Can any of you shed any light/ give some advice?

So in conclusion, Paris fabric shopping for me was wonderful. There is so much choice and the prices were decent. I would highly recommend going if you have the chance and losing yourself in that wonderful area!


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17 thoughts on “Paris fabric shopping and I need some advice!

  1. That’s block-interfaced, also referred to as “needle ready”, because you don’t need to interface it. If you make a jacket or coat, I would recommend putting a lightweight interfacing layer in the lapels, but other than that, you won’t need to interface.


  2. Blockfused fabric. It gives some stability to the fashion fabric. I often apply it when I need more structure. No interfacing required, but lining yes. Great haul!

  3. You do know that the block fused fabric is a great find! I love when I find a piece that is already interfaced. Even if I don’t “need” it, that piece comes home with me! Glad you had a good time fabric shopping in Paris – you’re own little Disney trip! 🙂

  4. Looks great! We were there this summer, you are right the marche saint Pierre was a bit overwhelming but I had a blast walking around all 5 floors! Love your fabric picks, especially the blue with flowers. Very pretty!

  5. Can’t wait to see what you create with all the wonderful fabric! Wow! Fabric shopping in Paris! Something I can only dream about! Looks like fun 🙂

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