Simplicity 1716: knit top with twisty neck detail

Simplicity 1716
Simplicity 1716

Happy easter readers!

This easter day, instead of going to church as I normally would, I had to take my daughter to see a cbeebies show some 60 miles away. This may mean nothing to those of you without children, and also those of you who are not in the UK. cbeebies is a children’s TV channel, and some of my daughters favourite characters were in a live show and my husband very kindly (ahem) booked tickets for me to take her to see this show (his excuse: he is working), not realising that it was easter sunday! So not only did I have to contend with losing one hours sleep last night (it was our daylight saving time change), but I also had to miss my usual easter celebrations and drive my daughter to see the show, whilst my husband went round to my mum’s to dig into a yummy easter meal!!

Well, to look on the positive side of things: Kezia did enjoy the show. We made it back in one piece, and my husband did buy me a Janome overlocking machine for mothers day a few weeks ago, which in turn, has enabled me to make this top, which I wore to the cbeebies show.

Simplicity 1716
Simplicity 1716

I have realised that I do need more casual tops to wear over jeggings etc. Expect to see other versions of this top (and others) appearing in the next few weeks! Here’s the pattern envelope illustration:

Simplicity 1716 envelope
Simplicity 1716 envelope

I do like this top, but I am treating this version as a wearable muslin. It does need some refinement. I think it needs a sway back adjustment; the arms need to be tightened and I have done something a little strange with the bottom hem! I think the top is quite a neat fit over the hip area and next time I will enlarge it slightly. I cut the longest length as I wasn’t sure what length I would hem it at. I decided it was snugger than I wanted over the hips/ tummy, and decided to try and ruche it up with elastic sewn in the side seams. But then it just didn’t look right, so I shortened it and hemmed it. Like I say, wearable muslin. But all in all, if you can just get your head around the fact that until you sew it you can’t see how the pieces are going to go together (at least I couldn’t!), I like it, and I like the twisty detail. I think this is a very versatile pattern, and I have seen a few cute dress versions of this top too.

Simplicity 1718
Simplicity 1718

Here’s my review:

Pattern Review:

Pattern Description:

Misses’ knit mini-dress, tunic and top can be made with a front twist or draped neckline with five different sleeve variations to choose from. I made view A, which is actually the mini-dress length, not knowing what length I would be happy with.

Pattern Sizing:

12 – 20. I think the sizing is pretty true. I didn’t want a mega tight, fitted top, but found the cut to be quite slim over the hips/ tummy area. Mind, it probably doesn’t help that I serged one of the seams incorrectly and then had to cut that seam off. Oops.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Amazingly, yes. I say amazingly because it is quite hard to get your head around how the top with the twisty neck detail is going to come together. But it does. Also, as mentioned above, I serged one of the seams incorrectly and had to cut it off, and also serged a hole in the front which then had to be incorporated into another seam. Yikes! How I got a wearable muslin I don’t know….

Were the instructions easy to follow?

Yes, actually they are.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I love the twisty neck detail. It makes this top a little bit more unusual. I have seen other reviewers of this pattern make this top into dresses, and I think that is such a cute idea.

2 points to note about this pattern: 1. the instruction at point 2 in the pattern, where it tells you to cut a piece of elastic to a certain length to sew on the inside of the centre back neck to produce a ruched effect: the length they tell you to cut does not give adequate ruching in my opinion. Just letting you know. 2. If you follow the instructions in the pattern you will end up with an unfinished edge on the upper front: consider finishing the edges before sewing.

Fabric Used:

Viscose jersey

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

Absolutely none. It is supposed to be a wearable muslin. But next time around I would do a sway back adjustment, tighten the arms and widen over the hips.

In case you are wondering I did something a little strange to the hem of this top. I found this top to be quite a neat fit over the hip area. I had cut the mini-dress length and initially decided to sew elastic in the side seams to produce a ruching effect. But it looked terrible, so I cut it off and hemmed it, but there is still a little bit of elastic left in the sides. Like I say, wearable muslin.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Yes and yes.


A great, versatile, easy to sew pattern. Needs some refinement for me, but one I hope I can perfect.

Simplicity 1718: grumpy easter face
Simplicity 1718: grumpy easter face

How ever you celebrated this easter, I hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable one with family and friends.

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13 thoughts on “Simplicity 1716: knit top with twisty neck detail

  1. I really like the fabric you chose for this top! It really adds to it’s loveliness. And congrats on the new overlocker, it’s a kewl gift!!!

  2. I love this top. These are just the kind of tops I like to wear, looks like it would be a really useful and versatile pattern.

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